Engineering Research - Litigation Consulting - Expert Testimony
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We specialize in providing research and analysis services for computer software and hardware systems.
We continue to work with top technology companies for engineering research & with law firms in matters pertaining to intellectual property consulting, expert witness testimony, source code copyright infringement and tradesecret analysis, & software quality audits.
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We have proficiency in a range of technologies and applications.
Smartphones and Embedded Devices Operating Systems and Computer Networks
Mobile applications, kernel drivers, sensor fusion, real-time operating systems, Internet-of-Things, hardware components Linux, Android, kernel modules, hardware/software interfaces, OSI layers, software network stack, power management
Machine Learning Video Codecs
Artificial intelligence, neural networks, deep learning, spiking neural networks, neural network hardware accelerators Video encoding and decoding (MPEG, H264, H265, VP8, VP9, and others) software and hardware and video rendering applications
Hardware Descriptive Langauages Audio and Image Processing
Verilog and VHDL, design synthesis, benchmarking, hardware/software interfaces Audio signal processing, digitial signal filtering and pre-processing, audio command recognition, object and pattern classification
We offer and excel in providing the following services.
Software/Hardware Research and Design Patent Infringement, Non-Infringement, and Invalidity
Software and hardware design optimized according to the application need and in compliance with industry standards Analysis with focus on identifying detailed evidence and providing claim charts and narratatives for technical and non-technical audiences
Copyright Infringement and Trade Secret Product Quality and Breach of Contract
Use of state-of-the-art analysis tools that swiftly provide quality results to determine copyright and trade secret infringement or non-infringement Analysis to determine software and hardware product quality and compliance with industry standards, good engineering practices, and contractual terms
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